How I met ‘The Formless’

Anshuman Singh
2 min readMay 16, 2021


I like to meditate, just sitting in dark room and focusing on exhale and inhale. Not forcing the lungs just let it be.

After 5 minutes you will see how much you think and randomness of thoughts. The trick is to ghost your thought. Don’t give attention to it and focus should only be on your exhale and inhale.

If you keep doing it for 15 minutes, then your body will be getting lighter. After 30 minutes, your mind will be silent. If you are reaching this state for the first time then you may see some visual.

Soon you may realise that you are not that body. You can sense the formless you inside your body, ‘The Formless’ i call it, but the moment you focus on that entity you will lose the ‘The Formless’. You can only achieve it by not focusing on it. Just focus on the exhale and inhale and it will be there.

Now after 1 hour. You can sense ‘The Formless’.

I chant in my mind “Who Am I” and it will reply. You will find a sense of peace you have never ever felt.

The first time i tried it, i got addictive to that state and you force meditation to get there. Sorry it won’t work like that.

Do it and let me know if you found ‘The Formless’.

Thank you for your time.